Celebrating Feminist Smut in 3D

2009 trophy

I’ve been reminded that it’s the Good For Her, 2012, Feminist Porn Awards in a couple of weeks. So to mark the upcoming festivities I thought I’d do like James Cameron did and dust off some old material, give it the 3D treatment and then pass it off as something new and exciting. I actually think I did a better job than Jimmy C. No boats for me though but there’s always the chance I’ll get a chilly reception and sink.

At the moment I’m a little short on poems and blog ideas so I’ve decided to go back to April 2010 and pull out a post I wrote about the Feminist Porn Awards. In that post I proposed a theory on why, between 2006 – 2009, they used butt-plugs as their winners trophies. It was written in the form of a two-person conversation. So now it seems the obvious thing to use my latest toy, Xtranormal, to tell it in a more lively and animated fashion.

My first YouTube upload… I am now a man

I’d love to video myself reading my poems and then upload them to YouTube but the quantity of alcohol I’d need to consume for courage would probably kill me. So this is likely to be the extent of my video fame.

A first attempt at using Xtranormal and I’m pleased with it. I had no idea how it would go so that’s why I used one of my shorter poems. More camera angles would have been nice but unfortunately I didn’t know what I was doing and the desktop version I was using kept crashing. So I’m grateful for what I’ve got.