The Gangbang is in the details

The image I used for Inspirational Monday wasn’t my original choice. I was looking at Google Images for something else but by chance came across it and that’s how I ended up on the Wikipedia Gang bang page. I wasn’t too surprised that Wikipedia has a Gang bang page but after a quick read it got me thinking and I’d like to share some of my ponderings with you.

Firstly, when is someone going to make a definitive decision on the spelling? A “Gang bang” and a “Gangbang” may mean the same thing but when you’re searching video porn sites with that keyword you usually get back different results. (Some people even spell it “Gang-bang” but I think the hyphen is just a little too pretentious.) Do I need to talk to the Dictionary people or those organisations who produce Style guides like the AP Stylebook or The Chicago Manual of Style? They did a wonderful makeover for the word email so why can’t they do it for the humble Gangbang (I prefer it without the space) which has certainly been around a great deal longer.

I’d also like to point out, IMHO, that the image used by Wikipedia isn’t even a Gangbang but in fact an Orgy. Semantics maybe but the failure to properly define an authentic Gangbang is the main reason we’re all so disappointed by porn that promises a Gangbang but in truth gives us only a mere Threesome with two men and one woman. What an anti-climax.

Wikipedia would also like us to believe that the minimum number of men required for a Gangbang to take place is three. However I’d like to put forward the opinion that a ratio of four men to each woman is required to satisfy the spirit of a proper Gangbang. For it truly to be official I see it necessary for at least one of the men to be waiting his turn and to then swap out with one of the others when an available female orifice (anal, oral or vaginal) becomes available. I’m sorry if my talk of orifices is taking all the “romance” out of this but I thought I’d make things more clear if I kept to the technical aspects of this fascinating sub-genre of Group Sex.

But what happens if there is more than one woman? (I’m glad you asked.) That’s why I think the ratio system works. If there are two women involved then you would need at least eight men for the Gangbang (although you could squeak in with only seven). If there were to be any more women involved then it stops being a Gangbang and transitions into an Orgy. The only exception to this would be if the additional women were acting as Fluffers and merely assisting the one or two women who are the main focal points of the Gangbang.

I realise I’ve only been talking about one kind of Gangbang, multiple males and a single female and I do accept there are others. No offence is intended and do believe the main principles I have stated can be applied to all other kinds of Gangbangs be they Gay, Lesbian, Transgender or Reverse.

I think if we follow these simple ideas we can turn the humble Gangbang from something viewed as disorganised and amateurish into something structured and professional. This will help clear up the confusion and misrepresentation of porn videos and impress the Style guide compilers that Group Sex has reached an age of maturity and must be taken seriously.