The end is NOT nigh… but just in case.

I’ve been a little ill the last day or so. It came on slowly then jumped me like a large jumping thing that jumps on you. It was so bad that at one point I had the delusional thought, as I lay in bed curled round my pillow, that “Day Time” television wasn’t really so bad and in fact quite entertaining and educational.

Fuck, I was ill!

But in between the delusional episodes were moments of perfect clarity. I’m not just talking about the “I hope I can make it to the toilet before…” type moments but the kind where you realise you are not going to be on this green and pleasant earth forever and so maybe it’s time to make arrangements. I’m not saying I was dying, although it felt like it and since I’m not getting any younger I believe it’s time I took steps and prepare for the eventuality of my demise.

It is time to get myself a “Porn Buddy.”