To show that you care put your fist up there

So I’ve just learnt from Harlot Overdrive that today is International #Fisting Day!!. Now, in the fairness of full disclosure I have to admit my primary support for this is purely as a viewer of the fisting genre. I’ve never had the opportunity to go beyond the “finger” stage but like any other sex-positive person I see nothing wrong with consenting adults engaging in actions for the purpose of inducing an orgasm. But I’ll let The Harlot explain what’s going on.

Two of my favourite queer pornstars, Courtney Trouble and Jiz Lee, have had enough of the stringent porn industry ‘guidelines’ that keep fisting from being shown in all its erotic glory, which is undoubtedly offensive to any fist-loving porn viewer, but not necessarily known about by these aforementioned fist-loving porn viewers.

This is why International Fisting Day is such a great initiative, not only is it a call to action, it’s an awareness campaign! Check out the posts by founders Jiz Lee, where she details how censoring fisting is essentially discriminating against queer sex, and Courtney Trouble, who details the actions you can take on her blog (and gives a bangin’ interview over on the San Fran Bay Guardian blog).

So I’m heading over to xHamster to show my support but before I leave you I thought I’d share some random thoughts that popped into my random head while thinking about International Fisting Day and fisting in general.

  • I’d really like to see the cake they’d make on Ace of Cakes to celebrate this day. It brings a whole new meaning to “Up the duff.”
  • International Fisting Day… I wonder if there’s a greeting card for this?
  • If I were a cynical type person I might think the whole thing was a put-up-job by lube manufacturers in the same way florists and makers of “I❤ U” teddies promote Valentine’s Day.
  • Fisting: The perfect solution for men who are happy with the size of their penis and their wives/girlfriends… who aren’t.
  • So I’m just sitting here looking at my fist and that jar of Vaseline going, Hmmm…I wonder…?
  • I’m trying to think up a witty slogan for International Fisting Day. You know, like if it was Doggy-Style Day then “We could all get behind it.”
  • Fisting: Its like dildos for poor people.
  • Fisting is feminist: Its primary purpose is to make a woman cum and when she squirts and cums in someone’s face no one ever minds.
  • …and finally a few other advantages of fisting. You can’t get pregnant from it, if you glove-up properly it cuts down on the risk of STI exposure and for the “Good girls” because no penis went inside you, only a fist, you’re technically still a virgin.

So a happy International Fisting Day to all.

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