Those three little words we’re all so desperate to hear

Thank you smuttywords for the inspiration for this one. I suppose, technically, it should go on the Nice post page but I feel it merits a post of its own.😀

Three little words

Words, just three
Can say so much
To praise beauty
Or heart to touch
Said with love
And passion’s blaze
Lifts us above
The tired clichés
You’re mon amour
Always will be
Je t’adore
“Eat my pussy!”

The vagina: A subject I’d very much like to get into

I was browsing Psychology Today and couldn’t help but be intrigued by the article, The Rare Truth about “Tight” and “Loose” Women. Now I’ve never really given vaginal tightness much thought (In fact when I’m in one, I don’t think at all) but it was an interesting article. However what I thought really interesting was how the writer describes the vagina

Imagine a hand towel stuffed inside a thick sock squeezed by two hands. The sock is the vagina. The towel is the folded muscle tissue of the vaginal wall. And the hands are the pelvic floor muscles that surround the vagina.

A vagina = Towel + Sock + hands? Ok… I guess. Not as graphic as comparing it to a paper bag but is that the best you can do? The vagina is a wonder of the female form… of biology… of the world… of God and/or the universe and all you can come up with to describe this beautiful tunnel of love is a sock?

I then start getting bitchy and wonder if the author, with his deft touch of language and imagery, ever used those skills to write poems to his wife. But then I felt guilty for my petty and unkind thoughts. Who am I to poke fun at someone else’s use of language and their hypothetical poetry skills? Can I do any better? How would I describe the vagina…?


I feel a totally tasteless, inappropriate and very bad poem coming on.

An Ode to the V

“Oh Vagina, vagina.” Such a beautiful sound
And if I had a choice, where I’d always be found
But how to describe you when you’re hidden from sight
I’m not talking outer folds but that hole, oh-so tight
For while vulvas are playthings for fingers and tongue
You’re the go-to girl when the penis wants fun
And while her bra-filling bounty May get all the press
It’s you that we long for when we take off that dress

I wonder are you proof of an intelligent Divine?
Could natural selection evolve something so fine?

Now some women oft worry on how theirs is perceived
But sweety… Don’t worry. YOU ARE PERFECT… Just believe!
No words can do justice, to sliding into your grotto
And I’d rather have you than winning millions on LOTTO
You taste of chocolate-sunshine and all things that are nice
Like fresh honey on the tongue with your own special spice
And by any other name you’d smell just as sweet
Be a cunt, twat or pussy… you I’d still love to eat

I wonder how women can get through their day
If I had a fanny I’d just stay home and play

Sure there’s anal and oral to sate carnal urges
But we only do that so the “Good Girls” stay virgins
From fingers to fists and cocks, you take em’ all
Not forgetting plastic playthings when no lover to call
You’re as tough-as-old-boots to take such a pounding
Then snap back to new, isn’t Mother Nature astounding?
And not forgetting without you, we’d all be up the duff
So apologies for large heads, those nine months sound rough

So a shout-out for the vagina, Queen of all she surveys
Without whose loving bounty we’d all have to go gay.

A little gangbang

I was browsing through Tumblr and just admiring the images of shoes, cats and erotic but stylish photos when I came across this one which can only be described as pornographic. I could do a whole post about my thoughts on women and pornography but this isn’t the time. This is about the fantasy scenario that came from the image. If you’ve read any of my other stuff then you’ll know I’m romantic as fuck. I like long walks on the beach, holding hands and those cute little teddy bears with “I❤ U” stitched into the chest. But sometimes I just want to fuck. I’m talking sloppy blow jobs, scratch marks down your back and the primal desire to bend some chick over and pound her roughly while she’s begging for more.

Fantasy #003: A little gangbang

I slide between your thighs and into the wetness of your cunt. Your legs wrap around my waist to welcome me into that tight hot hole of yours that at the moment isn’t feeling that tight. I shouldn’t be surprised and I’m certainly not complaining. I’d watched happily as man after man took you, used you and filled you with their cum. So you’re not as tight as you usually are but as I slide in and out of you I have to admit you’re still a great cunt. The sensations and sounds of fucking into such a sloppy hole are certainly a turn-on and the way you wrap your arms around my neck to draw me in for the most passionate of kisses says you are enjoying it just as much as me.

I could stay like this forever. Above you, in you, arms around you with my tongue playing with yours whilst my cock soaks in the depths of your cunt. But I look up and see the man with the camera and remember we aren’t here just for our pleasure but for all those paying customers who’ve handed over good money and expect a show. So let’s give them one.

I motion for Jo, who up till now has been entertaining the other men, to come on over and join us. She straightens up from her position of being bent over so that both her mouth and cunt can service the waiting cocks surrounding her. She gives a big smile for the camera as she wipes the back of her hand slowly across her cheek to clear away some cum that’s missed its target. She pauses, in her typically dramatic Jo way, and then keeping eye contact with the camera licks it all up. She’s like the cat who’s got her cream and swallows it down with a smacking of lips and the happy exclamation of “Yummy.”

I watch, stroking my cock still wet and sticky from your cunt, as Jo kneels over your face and offers her well fucked holes to your lips and tongue. Your arms reach up to draw her down till she’s settled comfortably over your face. She then leans forward to bury her mouth between your eagerly spread thighs. I turn to look at the TV to get a better view of what the camera is seeing and momentarily stand transfixed as we witness the collective cum, of the countless men who have fucked, her ooze from her cunt and slide into your open and anticipating mouth. When the initial flow has ceased you turn to the camera and show the white frothy load being churned by your delicate pink tongue before swallowing it down. You then press your lips to her slimy cunt above you with your tongue digging deep into her hole in search of more cum to taste. You grasp at her arse cheeks to pull her firmly on to your tongue. This exposes her arsehole which shows all the obvious signs of being well fucked and causes cum to leak from it. You wait with an expectant tongue out ready to scoop it up as it slides down through her cunt lips.

But Jo has also been busy while you’ve been sucking the cum out of her fuck holes. Her blonde head has been buried between your spread thighs. Her mouth feverishly attacking your clit in the rough way you like. Sucking hard, slurping on it like it were a strawberry milkshake. Hard flicks of her tongue and not so gentle bites have you thrusting your hips up demanding more. All while doing this her busy fingers pry apart your swollen pussy lips and thrust deep into your cunt. She started with two but now uses three to relentlessly shove hard up your cunt. She holds them flat to stretch you out as she finger-fucks you. This also allows her to scoop out the combined cum of you and all the men that have had you. She then greedily slurps it into her mouth before then continuing to ram those long slim fingers back up you and once again refasten her mouth to your clit.

We stand around and watch. All the men who have had you can’t wait to have you again. Hands on our cocks which are so hard from what we are witnessing before us. The cameras also watches and pans over your bodies seeking close-ups of hungry mouths and pink and glistening holes. It’s such a view to watch “our” cunts eating cunt, sluts eating sloppy fuck holes and the knowledge that soon we will all be once again fucking these two cock hungry whores and we won’t stop till they have taken all the cum we can give them.

We watch till we can take no more of the show. Although to you sluts and your constant moaning and whimpering this is more than just a show and you love eating and having your cunts eaten. But this isn’t just about you and while your fans are happy to see girl on girl action they have paid for a gangbang so it’s time for you two to take some cock… well actually a great deal of cock.

I sit in a chair and hold out my hand to you. You take it and I pull you on to my lap. We kiss and hands roam over sweat flushed skin groping and feeling all we can while our tongue’s tease and tangle in each other’s mouths. You then stand up and face away from me. I grasp my cock and hold it as you slowly lower yourself upon it. The camera zooms in on your face as the head of my cock butts against your arsehole. It captures your moans and the widening of your eyes as you lower yourself on to my thickness until the complete length of my cock is stretching you out and balls-deep up your arse. I wrap my arms around your stomach to hold you against me and give a couple of thrusts of my hips to further explore your tightest of holes. You in return push back on to my cock to show your appreciation for having your arse so full.

Sitting on my lap with your legs spread is a beautiful sight for the cameras. But when I spread my own knees it pushes yours further apart and gives everyone the best possible view of your wet cunt and your cock filled arse. I reach down to play with your clit and it doesn’t take much to get you going. Your body is super-sensitive to touch after all the cock and cum you’ve had, the men watching here and on-line and let’s not forget the lovely Jo and her magic tongue.

Speaking of Jo, here she comes now crawling on her hands and knees between the legs of all those naked men. She crawls past countless hard cocks but her eyes are only for you as she intently focuses on your cunt. She reaches you and stops with her lips mere inches from your pussy ones. Between your thighs the smell of cum and sex must be overpowering to her but the desire in her eyes and by the licking of her lips says she can’t wait for another taste of you. But I make her wait as I hold you locked to me with one strong arm as I use the other hand to play with your clit and slip my long thick fingers deep into your wetness. The combination of my cock in your arse and fingers up your cunt sends you over the edge and I can feel the waves of orgasm take your body as your arse squeezes my cock rhythmically as your muscles spasm.

Once reason returns the first thing you notice is Jo sucking and licking your juices off my fingers. There’s a hunger in this slut and it seems the only thing that can quench it is drinking from the well of your cunt and I’m not going to disappoint her. I reach out and take a handful of her hair and pull her face to what she wants most. Your head tilts back and a moan escapes your lips as hers go to work on pleasuring your body.

You turn your head and I capture your mouth with my own. My hands slide over your breasts and I give them the treatment they deserve. I move from soft strokes to hard squeezes depending on your body’s responses. If you want more I give it to you and then some. I give your nipples the same treatment and tug, flick and twist depending on whether your body wants to be teasingly pleasured or be pleasurably tortured.

You feel a change in Jo’s movements. You look down to see a man fucking her from behind. Her tongue and lips still fastened to your cunt but there’s an added sensation of her faced being rhythmically thrust into your groin. The first guy lasts for only a few minutes but he’s quickly replaced by a new and eager one. By the size of the eager crowd behind her it looks like Jo is going to be on her hands and knees getting her fuck holes used for quite a while yet. She tries to maintain her concentration but we all know Jo loves cock and is soon panting, moaning and pushing back at the thickness hammering into her. So you take matters into your own hands and reach for her head. Forcing her face into your cunt you start using her nose, lips and tongue to get you off. Jo is no longer fucking you with her face. It’s now you who is fucking her with your cunt. There she stays on hands and knees getting fucked from both ends of her body. You holding her up by her head while whatever guy is fucking her arse or cunt holds on to her hips. This is all that supports her limp and used body as she cycles through orgasm after orgasm as she revels in being the group’s fuck-toy and a cum-dump.

But while she’s having fun the rest of the men are growing anxious for a turn with this slut and so she’s pulled from your grasp and disappears under a swarm of male bodies. They bend and position her body so all three of her fuck holes can be used at once. You might not be able to see her now but you can certainly hear her. You can hear the sound of her sloppy cunt being filled, her cries to be arse-fucked harder and the unintelligible gagging noises she makes as thick cocks are forced down her throat and it only turns you on all the more.

But her three slutty holes aren’t enough and the men circle you now. You lean to the side and reach for the first cock you can grasp. You don’t look who it belongs to as that’s unimportant and all that matters is to get that cock into your mouth. You are so busy working it down your throat that you don’t even notice the guy trying to slide his cock up your cunt till he has the head lodged between your pussy lips. But you don’t miss a moment in your cock-sucking and only acknowledge being totally filled with three cocks by reaching out with both hands to grab two more cocks to wank and get hard for when it’s their turn.

I just sit there and enjoy the sensation of your arse moving up and down my cock. It’s not a conscious effort upon your part as you are just taking pleasure from being used. It’s the guy in your cunt who’s is giving you a rough fucking and it’s him that has you working up and down my cock. I watch as the guy in your mouth reaches for your head to start fucking your throat. Grabbing handfuls of hair he uses it like a leash to control you and I know it won’t be long till he clutches your face hard to his groin and pumps his cum into your stomach. I look round at the room and know he’ll only be the first of many and it’s going to be a long night.

So I just take the pleasure of your arse fucking my cock. Just as I take pleasure from watching your other holes being fucked. The camera captures all the debauchery but you’ve forgotten all about it as your eyes close and you give in to the ecstasy of being fucked, totally used and being a cum loving cam-whore.


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A dirty, fucking, fantasy poem.

I hadn’t intended to post this one here because I was a little worried it might be a little too much for you sensitive souls. But then I remembered that no one batted an eye about my earlier composition, where I got fucked up the arse with a strap-on dildo, so why should this one be any different. So here’s my attempt at a poem about rough and nasty sex. If it seems a little rough around the edges that’s because it was written in one quick session and I’ve not edited it and left it “rough” as it goes nicely with the subject.

A slutty fuck

So I was fucking this chick in her cunt other night
Can’t remember her name but boy was she tight
A right little slapper who loved to suck cocks
Tongue fuck your arse and slobber over bollocks
That’s right I remember now, she was called Jo
And within minutes of meeting I knew she’s a ho
So I bought her a drink and she offered me cunt
To use and to cum in with some hard slamming grunts
So I took her out back, she leaned up against wall
And offered her holes, arse or cunt was my call
So I started with cunt because I was out of K-Y
And girl cum makes “best lube” that money can buy
So I fuck her and fuck her and call her a whore
Pushing back off the wall she just begged for some more
Happy humping her hole with hands hard on her hips
She’s moaning, groaning and tugging hard on her nips
Then her cunt starts to feel like a swallowing throat
As she cums hard flicking her “little man in a boat”

So it’s time for a change should I head up the dirt?
Or is it time that this slut did some of the work?
So I spin her around and push her down to her knees
And she gives me the look, opens wide and says, “Please!”
So I shove past a tongue she won’t need for this suck
And straight down her throat for a good old face-fuck
The tears start to flow and she does fair bit of gagging
But her hands on my arse say harder, no lagging

So in a dim dirty alley a slut takes a cock on her knees
Offering up all her holes to do what anyone may please

It’s all Five minutes later and I was aching to cum
With cock down her throat and her finger up me bum
I could cum down her throat but I know what sluts need
So with just head in her mouth it’s time for her 2am feed
She takes all my spurts and sucks out the last drops
Then swirls it around tongue to show I’ve cum lots
With a grin and a gulp she swallows all my spunk
And then sticks out her tongue to prove it’s all drunk
I help her to stand and she tucks her tits in her bra
And with hand on her arse I lead her back to the bar
I buy her a drink and ask if this night has to end
Come home with me and meet some of my friends
Because Jo, you’re a slut and one cock ain’t enough
And me and me mates all your holes we could stuff
The whore says, OK … smiling at possibilities so rude
But asks on the way there … can we stop off for that lube?

Image via Weird Worm

Looking for love in all the wrong places.

Photo credit: mantasmagorical from

Well I must say that I am very, very, VERY disappointed in all of you!  I know I’ve only been going at this blog thing for a short while and purely doing it as an outlet for thoughts and opinions. So I should not care to look at my “stats” each day to check if anyone has read or at least clicked on my blog. But I do and get a somewhat giddy feeling because “Somebody likes me! Somebody likes me!”

I am a sad, sad, pathetic, needy person who should stand up from the keyboard and go out and get a real life.

But I won’t. So let’s move on.

The interesting thing about the stats is that they always seem to peak on subjects related to sex. How surprising? I wonder how that could happen. Enough sarcasm; it does not play well in the written form, so move along already. So people are interested in sex. If that is not the most redundant sentence in the world today then I don’t know what is. But now that I have looked at my stats and seen the peaks, I want “MORE”, and to avoid the troughs. So the question is; am I going to have to constantly talk about sex and sound like some spotty teen boy who “ain’t gettin’ none” to do it?

I know this statement will probably get me into trouble, but talking about sex would be fine and more acceptable if I was a woman. I know that sounds sexist. I’m hoping it’s not. But since I believe it then I can’t really give an objectives view. But I feel that women are much better at talking about sex than men. They can range from the clinical to the more pornographic extreme and it comes off much better, more honest, and more sincere. Men who talk about the subject seem to just come across as “pervy”, and yes, you don’t have to tell me what that says about me as a man.

So should I give into the temptation and become an “attention whore” by talking more about all things “Ess-Cee-Ex” and in doing so hopefully drive up, the peaks on, my stats. It’s not like I have trouble talking about it (although I may blush a little). The trouble is that although I know I’m a bit on the “pervy” side, I’m not sure if I’m ready to let the rest of the world know. I mean, what Tags do you think I searched to find the links to The Sag Chick and Kristina Lloyd?