Romance novels can be as addictive as pornography … Is a load of bullshit!

image via Amber Skye

I have a great deal of trouble responding sanely to this story about Romance novels causing women to become dangerously unbalanced. This is because I can’t frame a coherent thought due to the “You can’t be serious?”, “Is this a joke?” and “WTF! No, I don’t mean WTF I mean WHAT THE FUCK!” are all spiralling around inside my head and all trying to get out at once.

There are just so many things wrong with it.

Romance novels revenue topped $1.36 billion last year, while religious, self-help and inspirational books combined sold only $770 million. Romance novels accounted for 55 percent of all the popular mass-market fiction sold.

Don’t people who read self-help books generally need help? So wouldn’t it mean most people are happy and doing OK and isn’t this a good thing? Also, are you saying that religious books are part of “mass-market fiction”?o_O

 “There is a neurochemical element with men and visual porn, but an emotional element with women and these novels,” she wrote.

Men are very visual, and viewing pornography produces a euphoric drug in the body. This drug is the reason pornography becomes addictive. When the natural high wears off, a man will crash and feel depressed (as happens with any drug) and crave another hit.

Wrong, wrong, wrong! “…just because sex involves some of the chemicals involved in addiction does not mean sex is addictive”The Sexademic

Women are more stimulated by romance than sex,

I’m not even going to respond to this one. I’ll just step aside as a pack of angry sex-positive feminists come along to tear you limb from limb.

…women […] are admitting dissatisfaction in their marriages that may stem from reading these types of books.

So bad marriages are caused by reading? OK then… (Tries not to make eye contact and backs slowly out the room).

But how, pray tell, shall we fix this “Rom-ography” problem?

Read self-help books together or contact a relationship professional or coach,

Well isn’t it convenient the author of this “story” is a life-coach. Oh, and she’s been “named one of the top 20 Advice Guru’s in the country”. What non-crazy person takes advice from someone who calls themselves a “guru”? Probably someone who reads self-help books and needs a life-coach, I guess.

If you are not in a real relationship, you may want to focus on finding one.

Do hookers count?

And finally…

If you love to read, just choose a different type of book.

How about something with a serial killer as they’re always popular or maybe just go ahead and read some non-addictive porn.