First time doing the female perspective

I based this poem on a story I came across written from the female perspective. I tried to keep to the story and use the same language and imagery as she used. It wasn’t easy being bound by someone else’s writing but it was an interesting exercise. I can also say while I’ve never tied a man to a bed and pleasured him with my mouth, and nether regions, I now know I’d be pretty damn good at it… If I was a woman.


In her voice

Know what gets me going?
What wickedness I do treasure?
Total submission to my will
and to use you for my pleasure.

I think I’ll strip and tie you –
naked to bed by wrist and leg.
To feast my eyes upon you
and then tease you till you beg.

My tongue and lips around you
licking, swirling all I want.
Pussy inches from your lips
and the wetness that I flaunt.

I rub my clit with fingers slick
then push them deep inside.
Lapping juices with my tongue
as on your chest I sit astride.

I spread myself before your eyes
pink wetness in your face.
Smell my desire. I see yours
and the yearning to have a taste.

Slide my body down yours
to rub my cunt upon hard cock.
Tease you at the entrance of –
my hot hole you want to fuck.

But not yet ready to let you in
for my juices I want to taste.
Your cock covered with my flow
and not a drop I wish to waste.

I take your cock into my mouth
and go deep down to the base.
Tasting cum both mine and yours
as I fuck you with my face.

I want you now, cock in my cunt.
I cannot wait any longer.
Spreading legs on fuck-me heels,
for a cock to feed my hunger.

I want you to watch your cock,
as I take it all deep inside.
Then back up again to just the head,
with slippery glistening slide.

Slowly I continue, tease myself,
one hand on throbbing clit.
Other squeezing nipples hard
on flushed and pushed out tits.

Head thrown back, back arching,
on your body I slowly ride.
Hips rotating, pushing down hard,
rhythm building on cock I glide.

Your hips move with an urgency,
so before you get carried away.
I pull off, bring cunt to lips as –
punishment that you so gladly pay.

I want you to taste me now,
lick me, lap with hunger at my juices.
Thighs tight on cheeks, clit rubbing nose
and so perfect for my uses.

Oh God…Yes…Yes. Grinding down,
I’m fucking your tongue against you …
I cum hard over your lips and cheeks
with my thick and sticky cunt-dew.

Mmmmh, I have to lick you clean,
sucking on your lips as I do so.
But there’s still a hunger deep in me
a hunger for your cock you’ll soon know.

Your cock slides in, no Ms Nice, now.
I want to ride my stallion.
Bounce up and down, faster, harder,
I ride you hard like a hellion.

I lean away, reach for your balls.
Finger extends to your arse.
“Cum with me baby, shoot deep in me.
Yes! Yes, you can cum at last!”

As our moans, screams mix together
I know you’ll do anything for me.
From being tied up for my pleasure
to making me a cup of tea.*

* Sorry about the last line. You had to be in on the joke for it to make sense.🙂

2 thoughts on “First time doing the female perspective

  1. “If I was a woman.” Almost had to say something here!!!!!

    And as for making a nice cup of tea? Well it does take practice and a very fine art. I’d not trust just anyone to make me a cuppa!!!

    • It’s an interesting idea to ask a man what kind of a woman he thinks he’d be. Most of us would quickly reply that we’d be hard-core lesbians. But since a great many women-women seem to like having sex with men then it stands to reason that if I was a woman maybe so would I. Maybe I’d be straight or bisexual or even pansexual but all I know is I’d be extremely enthusiastic about whatever it is I was doing.🙂
      As to the tea I see a win-win situation for you. I can either make you a fine cup of the leaf or you can punish me severely for failing to meet your high standard. So either way we both end up happy.🙂

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