Au Naturel

Au Naturel

I want to see you naked,
stripped down to birthday suit,
your curvy hip and fulsome tit –
topped-off with pert pink fruit.

Stripped down bare and in the buff,
shed of clothes and inhibitions.
Now come to me! – Please? – I’m on my knees
so in awe of your exhibition.

Your alluring walk, your swaying hips,
your ass, such a hypnotic sight.
I want to kneel and kiss each cheek,
maybe give both a lover’s bite?

Though I’ll likely need a ladder
‘cause your legs go all the way,
from ankle to knee, to “Oh yes please!” –
up to my favourite place to play.

‘Cause that’s the bit I want to see.
There’s no point in being coy.
I swear to make it worth your while –
with cock, fingers, tongue and toy.

But fair is fair, I’ll strip down too.
View my happiness fully extended…
Pleased to meet you – au naturel
lovers naked as nature intended.