Haiku: The Zone

A Sci-Fi channel?
Tears of joy spill down my cheeks
SKY, don’t fuck this up!

This makes me happy … or it could just be the drugs

I’ve fucked my back up. My muscles are spasaming and every time I try to stand up it takes at least fifteen minutes to go from hunchback to standing completely upright.

So I ain’t happy.

Internet, could you show me some stuff to cheer me up?

Sure, dude! :)

That’s pretty much it. Everything else is just porn.

Thanks, internet.

Time to take some more painkillers and go have lunch.

<3 <3 <3

Haiku: Gangbang

I’ve made it clear in the past about my feelings towards those who mislabel gangbang videos. So it seems only fair that if I were to write a haiku on the subject, then just a single three line poem, would not be in the true spirit of the subject. So instead I’ve collected a gang of haiku, which don’t really work as individual pieces, and brought them all together as a group so they’d have more of a bang as they tell their M+/F themed story.


You meet such nice folk
at gangbangs, but waiting for
your turn is irksome.
First rule of gangbang:
When DP-ing a woman
rubbing dicks ain’t gay.
They lick at her clit
till sweet juice drips from their lips.
they suck, they swallow.
“Damn, girl! I thought your
‘I gush like a river!’, was
mere hyperbole.”
Sighs and moans herald
the cocks sliding into her
welcoming wetness.
Such a polite girl
always smiles and says “Thank You”
as they spit-roast her.
Fucked in all her holes
they use and abuse her flesh
and she is well pleased.
Cum drips from her chin
her cheeks blush red, mortified
from constant queefing
A mouthful of cock
gives a mouthful of cum, gulp
a blow-job well done.
…and later
Relaxed by the bath
carnal thoughts flow from her mind
like cum from her cunt.

tumblr_mxwfakewAE1raljz5o1_1280Images via Tumblr